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        Baoji Bao De Li Electrification Equipment Co., Ltd. established on August 1st, 2007. Baoji Line Parts Co., Ltd. of China Railway Electrification Bureau GroupBalfour Beatty Rail GmbH and Bonomi Eugenio Spa jointly invested and set up this joint venture in Baoji, Shaanxi, China, which is the first enterprise for manufacturing overhead contact line components for high speed railways and passenger dedicated lines.
        One of the main partner and designed technologies supplier: Balfour Beatty Rail GmbH is the world famous company in the field of railway electrification. It has the world-wide delivery achievements. And also BBRail has been experienced in design and execution of railway electrification projects in China and got a perfect reference.
        One of the main partner and manufacturing technologies supplier: Bonomi Eugenio Spa is a well known manufacturer of railway catenary components in the world with advanced manufacturing technologies. And its products have been widely used in the European high speed railways...


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